Pet Paradise

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| Dog Boarding

Overnight boarding with us means your dog is receiving the love and care, you would give them at home. Lots of play time during day and plenty of rest at night time. Your dog will receive 24/7 care and attention from our staff during their stay with us so they never go a day without lots of love and attention they desire. If needed, we also offer customized sleeping accommodations for all your pet’s comfort.

If your dog requires a special diet, refrigerated food or medication we provide these services at no additional charge. Have a multi-pet family and want them to sleep together we can accommodate your needs, as well as separation during feeding if needed.

 Everything included (Daycare activities, feedings, walks and medications. Injection medication extra.)

* Every dog needing to pass an evaluation prior to joining our boarding group.

** These vaccinations are required: Rebies, Bordetella, DAPP and Canine Influenza for Daycare and Boarding.