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Our Services

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(Appointment only! Walk-ins welcome if we have availability.)

We Provide Daycare Mon-Fri 7am-7pm and Sat 9am-5pm! ▪️ Drop off M-F 7-8am by appointment only!

Full Days:

Over 6 hours.


Full Day – Cash: $45/day - Card: $46/day

2 Dog Full Day – Cash: $40/day per dog - Card: $41/day per dog

Full Day Packages:

10 Days- $400

20 Days- $700

30 Days - $900

*3% off all packages if you pay with cash/check

Half Day Late Pickup Fee: $20

After Hours Pickup Fee: $10 for 15mins, $20 for 30mins, $30 for 1 hour late.


After 8pm dogs still here from daycare will board with us overnight for a boarding fee of $55/night on weekdays. After 6pm on Saturday’s dogs still here from daycare will board for $55/night.

Half Days:

6 hours or less.


Half Day – Cash: $25/day Card: $26/day


10 DAYS - $220

20 DAYS - $400

30 DAYS - $540


We provide custom sleeping arrangements. Everything included

(Daycare activities, Overnight care, feeding,walks, and medications.)

Sunday Pickup only at 8am and 5pm.

Boarding: $55/day

7+night stay - $50/day

14+night stay - $45/day

30+night stay - $40/night

2 dog Boarding- $50/day per dog

2 dog Boarding 7+ nights- $45/day

2 dog Boarding 14+ nights - $40/night

Late pickup fee (After 12PM): $20 per dog

After hours pickup: $10 per dog

* Boarding Package: 20 Nights $900 (ask for details)

Boarding Holiday Rates:

If your dog is staying overnight with us during the holidays there will be an additional charge of $20 for the holiday night (New year's Eve, President's Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas). We appreciate your business.

Bath, Brush & Nails:

(Basic shampoo, Nail Trim & Grind, Ear Cleaning & plucking, blow dry and 15 minute brush out included.)

Small Dog: $35

Medium Dog: $40 to $45

Large Dogs: $50 to $60

XL Dogs: $65 &up

Face, Feet, & Sanitary Trim:

(Shampoo, Nail Trim & Grind, Ear Cleaning, face and sanitary region.)

Small Dog: $50-$55

Medium Dog: $60 to $65

Large Dogs: $70 to $75

XL Dogs: $85 &up


(Basic shampoo, Hair Cut, Nail Trim & Grinding, Ear Cleaning & Plucking, Blow dry, 15 minute brush out and Anal Gland Expression included)

Small Dog: $70 & Up

Medium Dog: $80 & Up

Large Dogs: $90 & Up

XL Dogs: $105 &Up

Add on Menu:

De-matting- $15 & up

Flea Treatment- $10

Upgraded Shampoo/Conditioner- $7

Teeth Brushing- $10 & up

Nail Trim and Grind- $15

Nail Trim- $10

Ear Cleaning- $10

Anal Gland Expression- $10

Temperament- $15

Extra Brush Out - $7 per 15 minutes

Deep Conditioning Treatment- $10

De-shed Package - $15 (Includes de-shed conditioner + 15 minutes extra brush out)


Grooming prices subject to change based on dogs coat condition and type of groom service requested.


Half an hour: $20

One Hour: $25


Please Call Us For Free Evaluation!

| Your Pets Are Our Business

Let your fur family member live their best, while you are living yours.

For More Information and Inquiries, Please Call Us

​​(408) 819-3717