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Day Care:

(Appointment only! Walks ins welcome if we have availability.)

We provide day care Monday-Friday 

7Am-7Pm, Saturday 9Am-5Pm.

Drop offs Monday-Friday 7Am-8Pm by appointments only.

Full Days: (Over 6 hours)


Cash: $45/day   Card:$46/day

2 Dogs Full Day: 

Cash:$40/day    Card:$41/day

Full Day Packages:

10 Days: $400

20 Days: $700

30 Days:$900

Half Days: (6 hours or less)


Cash:$25/day   Card:$26/day

Half Day Packages:

10 Half Days:$220

20 Half Days:$400

30 Half Days:$540

** Half Day Late Pick up Fee:$20

*** After Hours Pick up Fee:$10 for 15mins,$20 for 30 mins,$30 for 1 hour late.

Note: After 8pm dogs still here 

from day care will board with us overnight for boarding fee of $55/night on weekdays. After 6Pm on Saturdays dogs still here from daycare will board for $55/night.



7+ night stay:$50/day

14+ night stay:$45/day

30+ night stay:$40/day

2 dog boarding:$50 per day per dog

2 dog boarding 7+ nights:$45 per day per dog

2 dog boarding 14+ nights:$40 per day per dog

Boarding package: 20 nights $900(Ask for details)

Late pickup fee after 12Pm: $20 per dog

After hour pickup: $10 per dog

Boarding holiday rates: 

If your dog is staying overnight with us during the holidays there will be an additional charge of $20 for the holiday night (New Year's Eve, President's Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas). We appreciate your business.

Bath, Brush & Nails:

Basic shampoo, Nail trim & Grinding, Ear cleaning & Plucking, bow dry and 15 minute brush out included.

Small Dogs: $35

Medium Dog:$40-$45

Large Dog:$50-$55

XL Dog: $65&up


Basic shampoo, Hair cut, Nail trim & Grinding, Ear cleaning & Plucking, bow dry, 15 minute brush out and anal gland expression included.

Small Dogs: $70 &up

Medium Dog:$80 &up

Large Dog:$90 &up

XL Dog: $105 &up

Face, Feet & Sanitary Trim:

Shampoo, Nail trim & Grinding, Ear cleaning, face, feet and sanity region included.

Small Dogs: $50-$55

Medium Dog:$60-$65

Large Dog:$70-$75

XL Dog: $85&up

Add on Menu:

De-matting:$15 &up

Flea Treatment: $10

Upgraded Shampoo/ Conditioner:$7

Teeth Brushing:$10 &up

Nail Trim and Grind: Cash: $15       Card:$16

Nail Trim: Cash: $10 Card:$11

Ear Cleaning:$10

Anal Gland Expression: Cash: $10 Card:$11

Temperament: $15

Extra Brush Out:$7 per 15 min

Deep Conditioning Treatment:$10

De-Shed Package: $15(Include De-Shed, Shampoo& Conditioner and 15 min extra brush out.